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  1. Thank you
    January 12, 2018 @ 8:23 pm

    thank you for your blog post.

    I am flying to the UK from the US and found the same miserable choices from American Airlines. I have flown once before internationally and our first flight was on British Airways and I had been misinformed about how to request a special meal. My attempts to request in advance resulted in being told to tell them at the gate. Nothing was noted and therefore not much hope to eat. I had some chips and crackers in my bag. Upon boarding, the flight attendant was informed and they were able to serve me a meal (that was delicious) and safe. They didn’t have much for a breakfast but gave me several fruit items that were perfect for the situation.

    On the way back, same problem, no notation of a special meal and the flight was American Airlines. The flight attendants were not available to talk to at any point and were so busy that I couldn’t even ask for assistance. They served everyone around me including ice cream snacks and meals packed with dairy. I had brought a breakfast bagel and a sandwich that couldn’t be kept cold so it was a tad bit questionable. I ate a lot of chips. They provided me water and a soda only.

    Now I am in need of flying again and possibly multiple times and was not given an option. I had to fly American. So knowing this I reached out to the special assistance asking for help choosing a safe meal for a dairy allergic person that can also not consume nuts. They told me they couldn’t give further information on the meal choices. I couldn’t choose vegan due to the possibility of nuts and the non-lactose may or may not actually be dairy free. This is my own assumptions because they literally refused to answer any questions. One AA rep spoke over me quoting policy over and over. yes, I am aware of your nut policy, I repeated to him as he continued to drone on and on.

    My husband flies with me this trip and he is nut allergic including possible rashes with contact with peanuts. He has been fine on his numerous AA flights but I suggested he reach out to his company and ask for another airline such as British Airways for international flights. His safety is at risk.

    American Airlines continues to allude to the preference that you simply do not fly with them if you have food allergies. They will do next to nothing to assist you. But they helped a disabled person onto the flight and allow other accomodations. What gives them the right to choose which disability covered under the ADA to assist with?

    I find it a sad example of today’s world .

    On a happier note, I find the UK’s food allergy labeling and restaurant options a step above and wish for a more caring America towards food allergic people. Perhaps this is why British Airways is a step above and did their best to care for me. I will gladly choose them anytime I can.


      April 14, 2018 @ 6:42 am

      I’m British. Just got off an AA flight to the UK. I had booked a lactose free meal. Dinner was Ok but I couldn’t have tea or coffee as no appropriate milk options. Breakfast was a bt dull and included a yoghurt made from milk!
      If they are going to offer dietary options then they need to get it right.


      • Dairy-Free State
        April 14, 2018 @ 7:11 am

        Thank you for your comment, Linda. I really hope this blog post reaches more people who need these accommodations on their flights!


  2. Tony Lee
    December 25, 2022 @ 1:51 pm

    I tried my best not to fly long distance because I am lactose intolerance.
    All U.S. based airline served mostly pasta with dairy for lunch, dinner, and cereal, yogurt, or even cheese omelets for breakfast. So do most European and Latin America airlines. There are better choices in Business Class and above.
    I am not a vegetarians so that was not an option.
    I always flew international with Asia baseline because they had lots of meal options without dairy.
    I always brought at least 2 lbs of mixed nuts just in case.


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