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Being a born-and-raised Wisconsin girl, I always loved hailing from the Dairy State, especially due to their namesake products. When I was younger, I didn’t know anything about food allergies, and I didn’t pay attention to how my body reacted to what I ate.

In college, I was diagnosed with IBS and was told I was lactose intolerant. As time went on and I became more diligent with my food diary, I discovered that I was also unable to eat lactose-free products that contained casein, whey, and other dairy derivatives.

I decided to start¬†Dairy-Free State for people who have been dairy-free for years, and for those who are just figuring things out, because I never had anywhere I could go to when I started out. This blog is designed to create dialogue and a home for everyone on the dairy-free spectrum (we can’t let the gluten-free people have all the fun!)

Kidding aside, if you have other allergies, this is a place for you, too. I will be posting recipes and products that are free of all different allergens, and I encourage those with other allergies or special diets to email me or participate on the blog.

Do you have ideas for the blog? Do you want to write a guest blog? Do you want me to review your product or your restaurant? Are you an allergen-free blogger, too? Reach out to me! Let’s network and learn from each other.