Review: Silk Fruity & Creamy Peach Mango Yogurt

I’ve been avoiding Silk yogurt for a long time. Years ago, when I first started eating dairy-free, it was the only soy yogurt available anywhere near my house. I remember the old Silk yogurt being clumpy, with a weird taste, and it was very disheartening for a former yogurt lover.

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different dairy-free yogurts, and although Silk remains the least expensive option at my local co-op, I never gave it a second chance.

Silk Fruity & Creamy

That is, until last week. I noticed that the packaging and branding had changed, and the words “fruity & creamy” were added. I thought, okay, maybe the yogurt is different from 5 years ago. Peach is my favorite flavor of yogurt in general, so I thought peach mango would be a good place to start.

There are a lot of good things about this yogurt from a health and environmental perspective. It’s made without HFCS or artificial colors or flavors. On top of being dairy-free, it’s gluten and egg-free, too (although, I’m not sure what dairy-free yogurt isn’t . On their website, they say they’re enrolled in the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program, but because it’s new, I don’t think it’s on the verification list yet. However, lots of other Silk products are on the list, so before even opening the yogurt, I know I can feel good about eating this.

Fortunately,  I could tell right away it was a lot creamier than when last tried Silk’s yogurt.  It has a smooth texture and didn’t require any mixing. Sometimes dairy-free yogurt looks deceptively smooth and then becomes clumpy, but this was smooth and creamy all the way through.

The verdict?: The taste was good, but there was something a little odd about it (kind of salty? I’m not sure what it was) that doesn’t place it at the top of my list. I’d be more likely to eat this with granola or in a smoothie as opposed to on its own in the future. It would be on my grocery list for its price, ethical production, and potential to be good in a recipe, but it still has that aftertaste that wouldn’t make it the first thing I look to buy.


  1. valerie said:

    I do not care for the new fruit and creamy yogurt.
    The creamy texture is an improvement, but the flavor is too sweet and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Has a very artificial taste. The peach was always my favorite, but the new peach I do not care for at all. I also prefered the flavors in the old Silk and the chunk of fruit you would put in it. I have not been eating it like I did in the past. I would like to see you be able to keep the creamy texture, but bring back the old flavors.

    • Dairy-Free State said:

      I feel the same way, Valerie. Unfortunately I don’t work at Silk, otherwise I would help you with those changes right away! I recommend So Delicious as a great dairy-free yogurt brand.

  2. Lisa Davis said:

    I completely disagree with the reviews on the silk fruity and creamy peach mango yogurt. Not only is is smooth and creamy its absolutely delicious. I add blueberries and raspberries and feel like this is a decadent dessert. The flavors are authentic and don’t have a funny after taste. My only problem with the yogurt is my local Kroger runs of it every week and whole food only carries the strawberry and blueberry flavors that I dont care for. I asked that Market District start carrying it and they informed me that it is being discontinued.. I have tried to research this and cant find anything about it online and would be very upset if this were true. If anyone has any information about this please let me know.

    • Dairy-Free State said:

      Well Lisa, everyone’s definitely entitled to their opinion. It just had some aftertaste I couldn’t get behind. Silk seems to be pretty responsive via Twitter so many reach out there?

  3. Judi said:

    I think the negative reviewers are mistaken or their taste buds are mistaken! The new peach mango Silk yogurt is amazing in taste and texture. No weird aftertaste thatI have come to just deal with as an almost 20 year vegan. It is like any mainstream dairy yogurt made that I remember from childhood. I have been buying it over and over again since it showed up in my local grocery store.

  4. Wanda said:

    First, I’m not dairy-free by choice, but I react badly to the hormones in dairy. Second, I LOVE the new Fruity & Creamy – it’s always smooth and the taste is great – it’s a real treat. Unfortunately, the food co-op I go to stopped carrying it (even though they were always out of it so it sold really well) and replaced it with Stonyfield – a very poor second choice (overly sweet & watery and/or lumpy). I registered a complaint and now I’m trying to get another co-op to carry it for those of us who must be dairy-free. I contacted White Wave and they said it is up to the local markets to carry it or not. I’m so upset – I finally find something that not only tastes great but doesn’t make me sick, and now I can’t find it! Bummer. Perhaps if we start a campaign and drown supermarkets with requests, they’ll get the idea.

  5. Carolyn said:

    When this yogurt first hit the market, I was so excited. I suffer from many allergies and have always eaten Silk Yogurt; however, after tasting the new version, I never bought it again. To me, it is horrible.

    • Dairy-Free State said:

      Agreed. I was really disappointed. I highly recommend the So Delicious yogurts. As long as they’d work for your allergies, I’d say you should try them!

  6. Monica said:

    Oh wow! These Silk Yogurts are fabulous! Been living on them since going dairy-free 10 years ago. Took a bit of time to become accustomed to the soy flavor at the beginning. Am glad I took the time. I have not been disappointed in my choice of Silk. It is the best tasting soy yogurt on the market!!!.
    Silk is soooo much better than Stonyfield which was very wet and waaayyyy toooo sweet.
    Have to pour out the sweet, watery liquid from the Stonyfield.
    Would recommend folks try all the flavors of Silk. Thank you for great products.

  7. Brigid said:

    I have been dairy free for at least a decade now. Allergies were the main reason for the removal of dairy from my life. It has not been easy as some dairy-free items still have casein, caseinate or whey protein.
    I have tried all the soy-based yogurts during this time. The So Delicious is super sweet and has a. cardboard type flavor. The Stonyfield ones are very wet, clumpy, chalky, sweet cardboard flavors.
    Theirndevelopers want to get people with the sweetness not the flavor or quality of the whole food product.

    Silk gave the best effort with a smooth, creamy texture without the chalk or cardboard flavor profiles.
    I miss their smoothies and enjoy their yogurt when I can make my own smoothies.

    I commend the scientists and rechnologists who developed the Silknfood products. Having done development for many uears, I can fully appreciate and understand the intricacies involved in this kind of work. The Silk people succeeded where O’Soy and So Delicious failed miserably.
    Well done Silk!

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