Cranberry Party Punch

I posted recently about the mini cherry pies that are a total hit at our parties. I had to follow that up with the punch that’s always a huge hit. I don’t have any clever names for it, so let’s just call it Cranberry Party Punch.

What I usually do to keep the punch fresh throughout the night is make half the recipe at the beginning of the night and refill later on. The recipe below will make a TON of punch, but you’ll be surprised by how fast it goes.


  • 60 oz cranberry juice cocktail (100% juice)
  • 750mL bottle vodka
  • 2 containers frozen lemonade
  • 2 liter bottle of ginger ale


Mix all ingredients together in a large pitcher. That’s it! Remember to make it a bit early to give the lemonade time to thaw in the punch. I have a large pitcher that I use. I got it from Sur La Table (like this one but with a rooster on it) but you could also use a plastic pitcher and fill in a pretty punch bowl during the night. The punch is not too boozy and not too sweet. It seems to be that Goldilocks punch recipe that everyone at a party enjoys. You could also make a nonalcoholic version by skipping the vodka. You decide how much party you want in the punch 😉 

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